A sampling of game dev

We’ve been feeling a little more academic lately thanks to two Red River College Digital Media Design (DMD) students visiting our studio. Tia Grantham and Scott Delorme have spent three weeks with us learning the ins and outs of game development as part of their program’s work placement requirement. Work Placement is a key portion of the DMD program, encouraging students to put their skills to work at local creative companies prior to graduating.

During their studies, Tia and Scott both majored in 3D and plan to move on to the college’s third year advanced 3D diploma, a program that’s certainly not for the faint of heart. During their time with us, we’ve shown them how to optimize game maps and render in-game icons for upcoming content in a fast-paced mobile game studio environment. They had two art leads and an animator overseeing their work during this time, to get a variety of direction and feedback on their work. Tia and Scott are focused, highly skilled artists who’ve shown us excellent work and creative drive in their short time here.


Not only is she talented, Tia is a beacon of positivity!


While creative media wizard Scott wasn’t keen on smiling for the camera, he was okay with showing off his glorious red mane, for which we are thankful.

It’s really important for us to welcome students like Tia and Scott in the studio, as it allows us to connect with budding artists, designers, and programmers, and share our knowledge of the industry with them. We are so happy to have worked with these two talented creatives and wish them all the best as they move on to next year’s studies. Thank you, Tia and Scott!