NMM Presentation with Noah Decter-Jackson

A tight-knit group of Winnipeg new media professionals tucked into a small room at 1000 Waverley Street for an evening of lessons and laughter with Complex Games Inc’s own Noah Decter-Jackson. The talk, hosted by New Media Manitoba’s Kevin Hnatiuk, titled “Hard Lessons for Building a New Media Empire”, saw Noah regaling the audience with tales of the very early days of Complex Games, some thirteen years ago.

Noah spoke openly and honestly about the many struggles and triumphs he and so many other new media folk have faced in starting a business. By the end of his presentation, attendees learned what mistakes to avoid, what strengths to focus on, and the importance of figuring out what works for them on an individual level.

We’d like to say a big Thank You to New Media Manitoba for being such wonderful hosts, as they always are.

Never forget to collect your underpants!

Noah discusses how he started Complex Games by creating the video game development equivalent of a garage band of talented friends.

Noah reminded us all to keep things within a healthy scope when you first start out!

In this rough sketch, Noah describes Dungeon: Gladiator, one of the first things Complex Games ever worked on. Looks pretty sweet if you ask me.

It’s true, mistakes happen all the time. The key is learning from them!

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