Battle Bears Royale

Launched worldwide in December of 2011, Battle Bears Royale (recently renamed Battle Bears Gold)  was developed by Complex Games in conjunction with publisher SkyVu Inc. as an unprecedented 8-Player synchronous multiplayer shooter.

With an audience of over 4 Million users to date, numerous quality awards and ongoing product updates, Battle Bears Royale continues to remain at the head of the pack for synchronous online gameplay on iOS and Android.


Best Action & Arcade Game (1st)
Best Soundtrack (1st)
Best App Ever (2nd)
Best Game Series (2nd)
Best Game Controls (HM)
Best Multiplayer (HM)
Most Addictive Game (HM) 
Most Innovative Game (HM) 

Join your friends in this funny & addictive class-based online multiplayer shooter for everyone!
Choose from 9 classes, tons of wacky weapons and equipment, and play against millions of warriors worldwide.

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