Arctic Adventures & Story of Ice

Complex Games was proud to be involved in creating interactive content for the world-class Journey to Churchill exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. In conjunction with Centric Productions, Complex Games illustrated two educational flipbooks and created four games and a 55-inch interactive touch table for the exhibit.

The Journey to Churchill exhibit is the single largest construction project undertaken at any Canadian zoo in history, and Complex Games’ involvement in this project was key to creating a range of exciting interactive experiences for exhibit visitors. The flipbooks, games, and touch table are designed to offer a wide range of educational experiences to suit different styles of learning.

The Arctic Adventure games feature both polar bears and ringed seals and help visitors learn how they hunt and live in the Arctic in the roles of predator and prey. The games are titled Sneaking Bear, Sunning Seals, Den Smashing, and Fish for Dinner.

The 55-inch touch table features a bird’s-eye view of a typical Arctic landscape, revealing how creatures like the narwhal, polar bear, and arctic fox move across different types of water and ice, and how these species interact with one another. And the flipbooks offer an educational perspective on what polar bears and ringed seals need to do to survive a day in the harsh Arctic environment.