Tyson McCann joins Complex Games

Tyson McCann

Complex Games is pleased to announce that Tyson McCann has joined the studio as a Lead Designer/Producer.

Tyson is a veteran mobile & social Game Designer & Producer with over 12 years experience working with established game development studios such as Funcom, 3DO, Sega and Dreamcatcher Interactive in addition to agile mobile startups such as Rivet Games and Breaktime Studios.  

“We’re extremely happy Tyson has decided to join us!”, said Noah Decter-Jackson, Complex Games’ CEO & Creative Director. “His success designing and delivering successful free-to-play mobile games is the perfect compliment to the quality and caliber of product we already deliver here at Complex Games. That our studio has been able to attract top-tier game development talent from California to relocate here in Manitoba is a landmark for game development in Manitoba.”

Tyson will be starting his new position with Complex Games officially in October of this year.