Marc Alloul Partners with Complex Games

Marc Alloul
Complex Games is very pleased to announce that Marc Alloul has recently partnered with our Company.

An industry pioneer in the the mobile entertainment industry Marc, brings to Complex Games an extensive knowledge of telecommunications and of the international wireless industry and many years of experience in the dynamic and fast moving international mobile entertainment industry.

Over the past eighteen years he has held key roles in both large publicly traded as well as smaller private equity funded companies where he developed and brought to market innovative technology & marketing solutions to some of the world’s leading telecom operators and media groups.

All of these positions have enhanced Marc’s expertise in developing innovative business in a complex international environment, given him a focus on operational challenges, exposed him to several financing, to an IPO process and numerous successful exit strategies.

For instance, as an active member of their management teams, he instrumented the sale of Sarbakan to Adrenaline, Bight Games to Electronic Arts, Mobitween to Zed Group, Airborne Entertainment to Cybird and Indiqu to Mforma/Hands-on Mobile;

“Marc is highly respected within the mobile entertainment industry and bring with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record”, said Noah Decter-Jackson, Complex Games’ CEO & Creative Director. “I am pleased we were able to attract such an experienced and well known executive to lead us through the next phase of the company’s development.”
Marc will be taking an Executive role at Complex Games to lead its Corporate Development and Strategy.