Hugo Morin partners with Complex Games

Hugo MorinComplex Games is excited to announce that mobile games industry veteran Hugo Morin has become a partner in our company.

Having founded the Quebec-based mobile firm Humagade in 2002 and grown it from 6 to 40 people, later selling  to Frima Studio and remaining a VP until 2009, Hugo brings an impressive 15 years experience in the videogame space to Complex Games, with specific expertise in mobile.

“There are few people in this industry more recognizable than Hugo”, said Noah Decter-Jackson, Complex Games’ CEO & Creative Director. “I’ve known him personally for several years, and he is a professional with the utmost integrity, intellect, and business acumen. We are thrilled to have him join us as a partner in Complex Games, and are looking forward to a long-term future working together.”

Hugo will be taking an active day-to-day role at Complex as the company’s Head of Business Development.