Employee makes the cut for cancer research

Complex Games’ Tom Rab, programmer extraordinaire, is known for many things: his fun attitude, great work ethic, and charitable endeavors. But perhaps most immediately noticeable is Tom’s incredible and wild head of hair. Legends tell that the last time Tom had short hair was back in 2008. Indeed, no one here at the studio has ever witnessed him without his signature 14-inch feathery coiffure.

Today, Tom decided to chop it all off. Why? For charity of course!

Tom’s wife is participating in the Relay for Life, an inspirational event that raises funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. The event takes place tonight at Investor’s Group Field at 7 p.m. To date, the event has already raised well over $225K in Winnipeg alone! Being the awesome person he is, Tom wanted to help his wife raise money for the event.

So we cut a deal with Tom. We asked him to cut his hair and beard and donate the hair to charity, and in turn, we’d match his donation up to $500. We shook hands, and the deal was made.

Together, we raised over $1100!

Here are some photos of the event, which was of course celebrated with delicious pizza.

Tom gets his hair cut for charity 01

Tom gets his hair cut for charity 05


Tom gets his hair cut for charity 03

Tom gets his hair cut for charity 02

Before and After

Tom donated 12 inches of his hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign, which takes hair donations and makes them into wigs for cancer patients.

Big thanks to Tom for volunteering, Morgan for doing the cutting, and to Noah, our president, for matching his donation and setting up the event!