Complex Games Developing Battle Bears Royale!

Complex Games is proud to announce that we have been retained by SkyVu Pictures and Recharge Studios as the developers for the recently announced Battle Bears Royale: A multiplayer team-based 3rd Person Shooter for iOS set in the Battle Bears universe:


You wanted multiplayer.  Got it!  You wanted more crazy weapons and skins.  Got it!


SkyVu Pictures in collaboration with Recharge Studios is proud to introduce the most crazy fun multiplayer shooter coming to the App Store this summer…. BATTLE BEARS ROYALE for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


BATTLE BEARS ROYALE (BBR) can be best described an iOS cross-between the TEAM FORTRESS 2 & DUKE NUKEM 3D flavor of Multiplayer Shooters:  A Class-based  3rd Person Shooter with a heavy emphasis on goofy options,   varied weapons & abilities and above-all fun gameplay that is distinct and engaging.  BATTLE BEARS ROYALE leverages the incredibly popular iOS BATTLE BEARS franchise, which has built its success on combining solid mechanics with off-the-wall humor and will be one of the top multiplayer shooters with a distinctive game world with the opportunity to engage in over-the-top antics and explosive gameplay!


Battle Bears Royale is plotted for release early this summer!  Watch for further updates right here at Complex Games!