Complex Expands and Earns support from the Prestigious Canada Media Fund

Canada Media Fund

Complex Games, Winnipeg’s premiere videogame development studio, is thrilled to announce that they are the first Manitoba firm to receive funding under the CMF Experimental Stream in over a year.

This will fund the development of their own new videogame title: Iron Skies.

The CMF’s Experimental Stream provides cost-shared investment for select Canadian interactive projects that demonstrate distinct innovations within the marketplace.

In addition to the support from the CMF, Complex has received funding from the provinces new Commercialization Support for Business program, also to support the development of Iron Skies.

“We are thrilled that the CMF and the CSB has decided to support our efforts with Iron Skies, said Noah Decter-Jackson, Complex Games’ CEO & Creative Director. “We’ve only just recently moved to a new office to accommodate a larger staff, and this announcement means that we’ll be looking to expand even further in the coming year.”

Growth over the past six months for Complex Games has been significant, taking it from 12 staff to 18 with 3 full time staff being added last month alone.  This growth and future projects solidifies their position as the largest video game producer in the province and they have plans to continue growing.

As the first and largest videogame development studios in the Province, Complex Games has been developing innovative, top-selling and award-winning interactive projects and videogames in Manitoba for the past 10 years.  They are the co-recipient of the Canada New Media Award for Best Web Game in 2010 and have worked with clients large and small, including The CBCSharp,Corona, MEGA Brands and Sony.