Complex Develops Thanksgiving Update for TMNT

Complex Games is very pleased to announce that it was directly responsible for developing the latest update to the Nickelodeon mobile title:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run!

TMNT: RR is an exciting horizontal scrolling game launched in connection with the latest animation series aired by Nickelodeon.  Complex Games was brought on to develop and execute a whole new addition to the title, including new content, characters, powers, and above-all, a new vertical running component where Players can ride the Shellraizer van as well as other vehicles!

All in all the results for the latest update for TMNT have been exceptional, including pushing the game’s rating from its previous cap at 3.5 stars to beyond 4 stars!!

Complex Games is looking forward to continuing to work with Nickelodeon on this awesome title!

You can download the latest version of TMNT: Rooftop Run here for iOS and here for Android.